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The Italian Sea Group centres its strategy around the customisation and diversification of its products, through the construction of extremely personalised yachts characterised by high qualitative standards.


With an exceptional Made in Italy design, recognised on a global scale, TISG is one of the most renown players in the sector, positioning itself on the highest part of the reference market.

To conquer new market share in the luxury yachting industry, maintaining the quality of its vessels high, TISG has leveraged on a competitive quality-price ratio of its products.


NCA Refit differs significantly from its competitors not only because of its recognised competences and innovative facilities, but also for the care and attention paid towards the crew of the yachts in refit.

From 2019, with the opening of the “Village”, the Company offers high level services such as Gourmet Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Gym, Beauty Centre and SPA to its employees and to the crews.


  • Increase in production capacity
    Since 2009, The Italian Sea Group has worked to achieve constant and solid growth, through acquisitions and investments in the Marina di Carrara production site, among the biggest in the Mediterranean.The company aims to further increase production capacity of its prestigious Headquarters through two investment plans, TISG 4.0 and TISG 4.1.The TISG 4.0 project consists in an investment of about 40 million Euros for the realisation of new structures inside the Marina di Carrara Headquarters, including the construction of a new dry dock, inaugurated on November 16th, 2021.The new dock, which measures 147 metres in length and 48 metres in width, is equipped with an entrance door of around 30 metres and accounts for a surface of over 6,500mq with a maximum capacity of 5 yachts between 60 and 70 metres and vessels up to a maximum length of 140 metres.It is additionally equipped of an innovative closing “boat-door” with electronic controls which allow its filling and emptying in a record time of 5 hours.

    In November 2021, the Company has deliberated an additional investment plan, TISG 4.1, for 14 million Euros.

    In detail, the investment consists in the construction of a new shed on the original dry dock, as well as a series of service structures and plants. This will allow to increase the contemporaneity of the vessels under construction by 4 units, confirming production capacity up to 140 metres.

    The Italian Sea Group intends to cooperate with strategic partners in Italy, Greece and Turkey to externalise the phases of the supply chain that bring less strategic value, such as carpentry operations.

    On December 22nd, 2021 TISG acquired the two shipyards in Viareggio and La Spezia from the Perini Navi auction, won for 80 million Euros. The Company intends to quickly re-start the two production facilities with a limited investment of 1.8 million Euros.


  • Growth in the dimension of the yachts
    The increase in production capacity allows the Company to increase not just contemporaneity but also the dimensions of the yachts under construction, reaching even 100 metres in length.The segment of mega and giga yachts over 60 metres, main focus of The Italian Sea Group, represents around 75% of the Company’s net backlog and has demonstrated a strong resilience in the last few years, also thanks to a significant increase in Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.


  • Strategic partnerships in the luxury sector
    The Italian Sea Group strengthens its market positioning and marginality also thanks to the important collaboration agreements with renown brands in the luxury and Made in Italy Sector.One example is the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, in collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini, for the construction of 63 yacht with a length of 63 feet that reach a speed of 63 knots, representing the meeting between excellence in the yachting and supercar world.This iconic and innovative motor yacht has achieved extreme success and high resonance worldwide, confirmed by the 13 yachts under construction at December 31st, 2021.Additionally, the company collaborates with Giorgio Armani for the design of the exteriors and interiors of some of its yachts, both with Admiral and Tecnomar brands, confirming its ability to realise unique projects with brands that share the same values.


  • ESG Initiatives
    Throughout its history, The Italian Sea Group has always paid attention to environmental sustainability, employee welfare and the development of the territory.On an environmental perspective, TISG adopts a proactive approach with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability of materials.For its yachts, the Company utilises primarily aluminium and steel and invests on hybrid propulsion systems: in October 2021, the Company has laid the keel of a 100-metre yacht with an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system, which grants high efficiency and great power.Furthermore, TISG has undersigned an agreement for the realisation of photovoltaic plants to cover the four main Sheds in the shipyard, with the objective to satisfy all energetic needs through sustainable sources within halfway through 2022.Great attention is paid also to the constant training of employees through the inauguration of the TISG Academy, a project dedicated to training courses for internal resources and students from the Universities of Genoa, La Spezia and Trieste, through excellent programs taught by university professors and industry professionals.