Shareholder Structure

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Shareholder % on share capital
GC Holding S.p.A. 53.60%
Alychlo NV 11.40%
Giorgio Armani S.p.A. 4.99%
Market 30.01%
Total 100.00%

In relation to the IPO agreements, the Selling Shareholder GC Holding – joint stock company led by TISG’s Founder & CEO, Giovanni Costantino – has a lock-up commitment up to 365 days as from June 8th, 2021, listing date on Euronext Milan.

Alychlo NV is Belgian entrepreneur Marc Coucke’s family investment company. The data relating to its 11.39% ownership interest includes directly and indirectly allocated shares.

Shareholder Giorgio Armani S.p.A. has entered TISG’s capital as a cornerstone investor during the IPO.

The obligation to communicate any variation in relevant participation in TISG capital starts at over 5% of share capital, as for all Companies with mid-high capitalisation, qualified as PMI (see Consob, April 12th 2021 Press Release).

  • The updated outlook on shareholder structure, based on the information received by Consob on any variation of relevant participation, are available at the following link.